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Summer,Autumn Winter Dates!

Updated: 3 days ago

t JUNE 7th Heron/Wader Studi0ne Bridport 8th Deer River Cottage 13th Deer Studi0ne Bridport 17th Ducks,Gees,Peacocks The Swannery, Abbotsbury 19th Hares Dillington House Ilminster 24th Deer Therfield, Royston

28th Alpaca Flowerdew Farm, Puncknowle,Dorset 29th Pheasant or Chicken Studi0ne Bridport JULY 3rd Peacock Dillington House Ilminster 11th Flying Owl Studi0ne Bridport 20th Sheep Symmondsbury Estate, Bridport 31st Heron or Flying Owl The Swannery, Abbotsbury

AUGUST 1st Upcycle Basket Studi0ne Bridport 9th Willow Orbs Studi0ne Bridport 16th Deer The Swannery, Abbotsbury 18th Deer River Cottage 19th Flowerdew Farm -Bee 21st Deer Dillington House, Ilminster 22nd Pigs dillington House 31st Dragonfly or Bee The Swannery , Abbotsbury

SEPTEMBER 5th Deer Dillington House 13th Pigs Symondsbury Estate, Bridport 18th Bee Dillington House, Ilminster 22nd Chicken or Pheasant The David hall, South petherton

OCTOBER 20th Pigs The David Hall, South Petherton

NOVEMBER 10th Deer River Cottage 15th Deer Symondsbury Estate, Bridport 24th Hares The David hall, south petherton

21st Deer Dillington House Ilminster 22nd Pig Dillington House Ilminster

NOVEMBER 10th Deer River Cottage 24th Hares -leaping or Moongazing The David Hall, South Petherton