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Spring & Summer Weaving Dates!

I am seeing the signs of Spring everywhere now and thought i would update you on this years classes 2023!!!

New for 2023-Peacock and below The Triplets at Wells cathedral School that has been a reweave project .

I have new venues and some nice projects coming up as well as a trip to visit family in New Zealand. I will shortly be confirming some new dates at The Swannery in Abbotsbury, Dorset-very excited to be teaching in their new studio purpose built for craft courses nestled right in the heart of the swan sanctuary. I will also be displaying some sculptures there-could be fun to find out what!!!!


23rd chicken, Heron or Pheasant Beaminster Town Hall APRIL 3rd Bees Dillington House Ilminster -book direct 11th Leaping Hare Studi0ne Bridport -book direct

14th Deer The David Hall- book with Jo 15th Kingcombe Centre Flying Owl-book direct 21st River Cottage Leaping Hare -book direct


3rd Bees Symondsbury Estate-book direct 11th Pig Studi0ne Bridport -book direct 15th Chicken Dillington House Ilminster -book direct 23rd Bee Cottage Flowers, Jordans Courtyard, Ilminster-book direct 24th Hares Studi0ne Bridport -book direct


2nd Moongazing or Leaping Hare The David Hall-book with Jo 7th Heron/Wader Studi0ne Bridport -book direct 8th Deer River Cottage-book direct 13th Deer Studi0ne Bridport -book direct 19th Hare Dillington House Ilminster -book direct 29th Pheasant or Chicken Studi0ne Bridport -book direct

JULY 3rd Peacock Dillington House Ilminster -book direct 11th Flying Owl Studi0ne Bridport -book direct

20th Sheep-Symondsbury Estate-book direct

AUGUST 1st Upcycle Basket Studi0ne Bridport -book direct 9th Willow Orbs Studi0ne Bridport -book direct 18th Deer River Cottage -book direct 21st Deer Dillington House Ilminster -book direct 22nd Pig Dillington House Ilminster -book direct


13th Pigs Symondsbury Estate -book direct

NOVEMBER 10th Deer River Cottage -book direct

15th Deer Symondsbury Estate-book direct

kind regards-Jo

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