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Current Willow Workshops for 2022 & News!!!

Updated: May 31, 2022

I have some exciting news to share. Studi0ne is opening its doors again this Summer run by The Fabric Larder in new premises in Bridport, I will be running some small willow classes in a dedicated room where all sorts of craft workshops are being planned. Go to for booking and details.

River Cottage will also be releasing Autumn/Winter dates for deer and new for this summer in their Yurt Deer, Leaping Hares & Flying Owls

Keep an eye on their website for details and booking!.

DATES 2022

Coates English Willow Centre(Haymoor Studio)&Beaminster Town Hall, Studi0ne Bridport & also see Dillington House and River Cottage websites for my courses they run and book direct.

Deer at The Manor House ,Beaminster.


7th June Chicken- Studi0ne Bridport

18th Pig -Haymoor Studio

30th June Deer- Beaminster


23rd Deer- Haymoor Studio

28th July Hare -Beaminster


20th Deer -Haymoor Studio

23rd Flying Owl -Haymoor Studio


8th Heron or Pheasant- Beaminster

14th Deer -Beaminster

24th Deer -Haymoor Studio

27th Hares Leaping or sitting-Beaminster


1st Deer-Beaminster


1st Pigs-Beaminster

22nd Chicken /Pheasant-Beaminster


13th Deer-Beaminster

I am currently sorting out more dates for Autumn-so if anyone has a request please let me know now!

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