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2022 The year of changes.....

So, as I write this I am turning a new to speak. New website, booking hopefully sorted and a new venue to add. I have been reflecting on 2021 and all the uncertainty, sad times and some of those astonishing kind acts that blossomed out of concern and love. Monies raised, new goals set and achieved-exceeded, it gives us all a shared experience and memory. Covid is with us, we have adapted as much as we can and have moved forward, cautiously, but forward!.

I hope this blog finds you all well. Nelson was a result of lockdown energy, he's been hanging around ever since!

Anyhow, this new year-well I am going to be teaching Willow animal sculpture at the Haymoor Studio, at Coates English Willow, where in 2014 I started my own willow journey! I was tutored by Sarah Le Breton, and after all these years the circle of destiny(?) has led us back together to teach our crafts. I will also be out n about teaching at the fantastic Dillington House throughout the year, River Cottage in the Autumn and in a few random village halls no doubt!

I continue to grow my withy beds, started about 6 years ago now! Cutting soon in order to complete a long willow arch and perhaps a dome, and a wedding arch.... who knows!

I will also be popping in to Musgroves Willow on the levels for continued quality customer service-saved my bacon a few times after they too faced a different year!

I look forward to chatting again soon-Jo

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Hope to join one or two of your work shops this year xx love my deer

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